Prefabrication Load-Bearing Metal Stud Panels

Prefabrication Load-Bearing Metal Stud Panels

We have been providing load-bearing, steel stud panels since the 1960s and are experts in the process and product. At Drywall Systems Plus, our load-bearing services start with in-house design and don’t end until the structure is erected.

Load-bearing panels allow a steel structure to be built faster and more efficiently. This proven structural method features composite steel decks that eliminate floor framing. Because the panels are constructed and delivered to the site, we can start fabricating and building quicker than traditional building methods featuring concrete and steel.

The day the contract is finalized, we begin drawing, ordering materials, and fabricating. Our entire load-bearing construction process, including shop drawings, is done in-house. Nothing is outsourced.

Our specialists can create panels up to 30 feet long, compared to other companies who can only produce panels up to 10 feet. These larger panels mean our clients can cover more area, cutting costs and saving time. We also have a safer and more precise vertical delivery method that ensures every panel arrives in perfect condition.

This method is ideal for single- or multi-story buildings, such as residence halls, hotels, military barracks, and assisted living facilities, that need to be constructed quickly with a more efficient steel structure. Drywall Systems Plus offers the engineering, drawing, fabrication, and installation of load-bearing panels in one simple package!


Other Services

We also offer other related services that can be packaged together, according to customer needs. These additional services include, but are not limited to, insulation, roof and floor decking, shoring beams, air barriers, supplying metal trusses, hardware, and other finishings.